Our days are made up of a series of moments – some joyful, some painful. These moments typically include a range of thoughts and emotions (often unconscious) about what is happening, many of which are based on our earlier conditioning.

Cheerful smiling child (boy) holding a instant camera

What’s so powerful (and what we often don’t realize or forget), is that within these moments, are choices; choices that include what we’re willing to accept, what we’ll respond or react to or what we’ll let go. This opportunity is ever present in parenting and within our relationships.

So when the more challenging moments arise, the question becomes, what do we choose? Is it…

Or, is it…

The thing is, each moment is a gift. The choices, while not always easy, are ours to make.  Let’s aim to choose wisely, skillfully and compassionately, knowing that *this* moment is where its at.

With gratitude,