“Debbie is phenomenal! I own Fit4Mom in Aliso Viejo and she was kind enough to speak to our group. She is passionate about making the parenting journey enjoyable and rewarding! Her suggestions are easily applied. I also love how safe she made all the parents feel – she listened to our concerns with empathy and everyone left the presentation with more tools to use with their children. I love how many handouts she provided; I was able to share with my husband so that we could be on the same page! I am thankful that Debbie has come into my life and I look forward to future workshops!!”
-Keira Malkus, Laguna Nigel, CA

“Debbie Zeichner is an exceptional parent coach, parent educator and individual. She is warm, nurturing, empathetic as well as poised, professional, intelligent and exceptionally knowledgeable about all things related to parenting. Debbie has a unique ability to easily establish rapport with everybody and she is excellent at making people feel important, valued and listened to. Debbie consistently exceeds parents’ expectations, giving her an outstanding reputation in the community.”
-Lauren Pearl, Parenting Program Coordinator, Jewish Family Service


“Debbie has made such a positive impact on our family through our coaching sessions. Our children are thriving after the guidance and skills she provided us to assist our children in expressing their emotions and feelings. Debbie provided a great deal of focus in helping our son with his impulsive, aggressive behavior and we now possess the tools to assist him channel his energy in a positive manner! We are forever grateful for the changes we were able to make to help our household become a more calm and loving environment.”
-Richard & Kayla H., San Diego, CA


Thank you so much for helping our family and for all your caring and advice. Regardless of where things go, it’s obvious you love and are so good at what you do and we are grateful to have found you.”
-The Fraschetti Family, Encinitas, CA


“I cannot thank you enough for all you have taught me…in 2 short hours! I have been doing everything you taught me and it’s working beautifully! I feel so much calmer and connected to my boys because I am not screaming anymore. First thing we did on Tuesday was a big art project of making our rules chart. I am very much looking forward to your next class, thank you!”
-Jennifer B., San Diego, CA


“Thank you for the great workshop and the email with all the great resources . I really enjoyed it and loved all your gentle theories and practical tips. I hope to implement so many new techniques from last night and I’m really excited about it. I’ve also been enjoying all your Facebook entries and really have embraced the theories you introduced me to. Thanks for everything!”
-Ewa V., Laguna Nigel, CA


“Debbie – Neil and I had one of the best family weekends with our boys! Thank you for the coaching to help us make our family more unified, peaceful and FUN!!”
-Keira M., Laguna Nigel, CA


“Debbie, I really appreciated the opportunity to attend your class and enjoyed it very much. I thought your approach was excellent. You created a comfortable atmosphere which encouraged people to openly share their experiences. Also, I liked the way you presented the material. You communicated everything clearly and concisely and allowed people to absorb the material in a variety of ways. I thought many of the interactive activities really helped to solidify the material your presented. Great job!”
Michelle F., San Diego, CA


“I wanted to thank-YOU soooo much!!!! I enjoyed your workshop yesterday – I gained many insightful tips to keep the tranquility in our home. I am sooo excited to make a shift in our home in adopting your helpful advice.”
-Rebecca H., San Diego, CA


“Thanks Debbie! It was a really great workshop and I definitely felt some renewed energy and patience with the kids afterwards! I even pulled out some tools getting the kids upstairs to bath last night that worked well:) Thanks so much! I look forward to future workshops!”
-Jackie S., San Diego, CA


“Thank you so much for a great workshop. I found it extremely helpful and have been implementing many of the concepts that you introduced. Things have been a lot calmer at our house as a result. My husband has been impressed! My son loves the appreciation feast:)”
-Samantha S., San Diego, CA


“Thank you very much for the wonderful workshop! My husband and I felt it was incredibly valuable, and we have begun to use many of the tools that you shared with us. You are a very caring (and nonjudgemental) person who really loves kids, and it shows! Your examples, your great insights, your experience, and your genuine concern really touched us. We appreciate your support and will definitely contact you if we are needing assistance and help!”
-Ruth S., San Diego, CA


“Many thanks for your excellent class. My husband and I found it very instructive and were impressed with your organized and professional presentation.
We look forward to being notified of future classes.”
-Ana B., La Jolla, CA


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