During this COVID-19 pandemic, and even before it started, I’ve been hearing from so many parents who are putting so much pressure on themselves. I’m guilty of it too. I think it’s time we say enough is enough! It’s impossible to do it all and be all things to our kids, family members, friends, co-workers etc. It’s completely unrealistic, not to mention exhausting!

Here’s the thing, we’re all doing the very best we can with the crazy situation we’re in. I’m sure you’ve been hearing this often and I think it’s worth repeating…many times! Please, sweet parents, give yourself a break and practice being kind to yourself.

It’s ok if you mess up.
It’s ok if you lost your temper.
It’s ok if the house is a mess.
It’s ok if you had cereal for dinner.
It’s ok if you haven’t showered (for days).
It’s ok if you’re feeling overwhelmed, scared, frustrated, disappointed, angry, sad or any other emotion under the sun.
It’s all ok.

You are an amazing person doing your best to keep your family healthy and safe during a very challenging and unprecedented time. Eventually this will pass. Eventually life will resume. And when it does, maybe, just maybe, we will actually realize how strong we really are. For now, let’s stick together, honor whatever it is that we feel and do all we can to lift each other up.

Sending love, hope and comfort your way